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Chemdog IBL

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Introducing the highly anticipated and long-awaited Chemdog Inbred Line (IBL), back for the first time in over a decade! This legendary strain is based on the iconic Chem D, often regarded as one of the GOAT’s (Greatest of All Time) in the cannabis world. Get ready to experience a blast from the past with this classic and potent cultivar.

The Chemdog IBL boasts a flowering time reminiscent of the legendary "D cut," clocking in at a quick and efficient low 60's. This means that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in no time. The terpene profile of this strain is a nostalgic reminder of old school

cannabis, with pungent, intense, and unmistakable roadkill flavors that will titillate your senses.

What sets the Chemdog IBL apart is its exceptional stability, making it a valuable breeding tool. If you have beautiful but lackluster crosses in your collection, this strain can elevate your gene pool and help you create unique and extraordinary offspring that will stand out among the rest. Imagine the possibilities of starting your very own Instagram seed company with these stellar genetics!

Priced at $180 for a pack of 10+ seeds, the Chemdog IBL offers tremendous value for those seeking a piece of cannabis history and the opportunity to venture into breeding. By investing in these seeds, you are not only acquiring an unmatched strain but also embarking on a journey to create new and exciting cannabis varieties that will captivate enthusiasts far and wide.

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