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Introducing Danksy - Lemon Royale x Chemdog IBL. This extraordinary strain is a homage to the renowned street artist, infusing the genetics of GMO/TK Skunk/Lemon Tree and Chemdog to create a truly unique cannabis experience.

Danksy boasts an enticing blend of flavors and aromas, derived from its parent strains. Combining the pungent and skunky GMO/TK Skunk with the refreshing citrus of Lemon Tree and the legendary Chemdog, this hybrid strain offers a sublime sensory journey.

With a flowering time of around mid-60 days, Danksy yields high-quality buds that showcase the best characteristics of its parent strains. The meticulously bred Chemdog IBL genetics ensure consistent growth and stability, resulting in robust plants with dense, resinous flowers.

As a regular seeds variety, Danksy allows you the possibility of cultivating your own diverse and reliable genetic pool. Each pack offers ten or more seeds, providing ample opportunities for experienced growers and enthusiasts alike to explore and discover the unique expressions of this strain.

At just $100 per pack, Danksy offers an affordable option to add exceptional genetics to your cannabis garden. Don't miss the chance to experience the harmony of Lemon Royale x Chemdog IBL - a tantalizing strain that combines the artistry of street culture with the science of premium cannabis breeding.

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