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Introducing Defstar: The Powerhouse Blend of Ohio Deathstar x Sour Diesel IBL

Defstar is a meticulously crafted cannabis strain that combines the legendary Ohio Deathstar with the ever-popular Sour Diesel IBL. Developed by crossing the classic Paradise Seeds Sensi Star with Sour Diesel, this unique blend offers a truly epic experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

With the unavailability of the sought-after Star cut, Defstar emerges as a delightful alternative that infuses the well-known Sensi Star genetics with an extra twist of Sour Diesel goodness. This exceptional combination results in a truly memorable strain that stands out in the crowded cannabis market.

Cultivating Defstar is a rewarding experience, as it produces chunky, terpene-rich buds that exude an unmistakable, old-school charm. The ideal mother plant typically reaches maturity between the mid to late 60-day mark, but keep your eyes peeled as you might stumble upon a gem that finishes as soon as 40 days. JK

Our limited stock of Defstar ensures exclusivity and rarity, making it a highly covetable strain for discerning cannabis connoisseurs. Priced at $120 for a pack of 10+ regular seeds, Defstar is the perfect choice for those seeking an extraordinary cultivar that combines the best of Ohio Deathstar and Sour Diesel IBL.

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