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Frosted Dog

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Frosted Dog is the ultimate cannabis strain that merges the best of both worlds: the magnificent frostiness of Oreoz and the enhanced character of Chemdog IBL. This extraordinary combination brings together new school and old school genetics, resulting in a truly groundbreaking product that will exceed all your expectations.

Oreoz, affectionately known as the new "The White," possesses the unique ability to frost every bud it touches. Prepare to be amazed as your plants glisten like never before. However, we understand that terpene content may sometimes fall short in Oreoz. That's where Chemdog IBL steps in to save the day! Its impressive genetics perfectly complement Oreoz, ensuring that your harvest not only looks incredible but also boasts exceptional flavor and aroma.

With Frosted Dog, the looks of Oreoz and the character of Chemdog unite to deliver an outstanding experience for any cannabis enthusiast. This powerful combination is truly a recipe for success. Get ready to achieve big wins with your next cultivation venture!

One notable advantage of Frosted Dog is its estimated finishing time, which falls within the 60-day range. This makes it ideal for growers looking for a relatively short growing period while still obtaining remarkable results.

We have deliberately priced Frosted Dog seeds at $90 for a packet of 10+ seeds, not to imply any compromise on quality, but to ensure that these exceptional genetics are easily accessible to all growers. Our goal is to break down barriers and make top-notch cannabis genetics more affordable than ever.

So, if you're seeking a top-tier strain that combines premium genetics, exceptional frostiness, and unbeatable character, look no further than Frosted Dog. Unlock the true

potential of your cannabis cultivation journey with this extraordinary cannabis strain. Cheers to an affordable and outstanding growing experience!

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