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Introducing Pure Fucking Gas, also known as Limõn Sour Diesel, a high-quality cannabis strain bred from the Lemon Tree and 2007 Sour Diesel IBL varieties. This indica-dominant strain combines fast finishing and heavy yields, making it an excellent choice for growers seeking both quantity and quality.

With its extremely sour and gassy terpenes, Pure Fucking Gas offers a unique aroma and flavor profile that cannabis enthusiasts will truly enjoy. Its appearance resembles traditional Kush strains, boasting a distinct and attractive look. When grown under optimal conditions, the flowering period typically lasts in the low 60's, ensuring a timely harvest. When blended with Sour Diesel genetics, the finishing period can extend to the mid to high 60's, allowing for enhanced potency and effects.

If you're a fan of robust gas terpenes, Pure Fucking Gas is the strain you've been looking for. This variety embodies the full essence of gassy and pungent aromas, delivering an unforgettable experience with every hit.

Now available at an affordable price of $180 for 10+ regular seeds, Pure Fucking Gas provides an excellent opportunity to sample and cultivate this exceptional strain in your own growing environment. Don't miss out on the chance to add this gem to your collection and enjoy its unique attributes.

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