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Introducing Ripple, an extraordinary hybrid strain that brings together the best of Michigan genetics and the legendary Chemdog IBL. This unique combination features Motorbreath and Oreoz on one side, while the other side boasts the renowned Chemdog IBL. Expect a truly unforgettable experience with the added frostiness from Oreoz, making Ripple what Pure Michigan should have been from the start.

This exceptional strain showcases the power of Chemdog on both sides of the hybrid, ensuring a remarkable potency and flavor profile. The addition of Oreoz brings a beautiful frosty appearance that enhances the appeal of these buds. Ripple delivers an unrivaled smoking experience, perfect for those seeking a balanced yet powerful high.

With an estimated finishing time in the 60's, Ripple offers an efficient and rewarding cultivation experience. You won't have to wait long to enjoy the bountiful rewards of your efforts. The affordability of these seeds is not a reflection of their potency but rather a deliberate choice to make this unique strain accessible to all growers. We want to lower the barrier to entry and allow enthusiasts to experience the exceptional qualities Ripple has to offer.

Each pack of Ripple contains 10+ seeds and is priced at $90. By investing in Ripple, you're acquiring a strain that embodies the pride and heritage of Michigan, while harnessing the genetic power of the Chemdog IBL. Explore the limitless possibilities of Ripple and savor a truly exceptional cannabis experience.

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