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Roadkill Skank #RKS

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Introducing Roadkill Skank #RKS: The Ultimate Stinky Flower!

Rebooting a legend in the world of cannabis genetics, Roadkill Skank #RKS is a carefully crafted hybrid that combines the best attributes of GMO and Chemdog IBL. This exquisite strain starts with Chemdog D on both sides, ensuring a strong genetic

foundation. To add a touch of sweetness and complexity, a very subtle hint of cookies is introduced.

The result? Prepare yourself for an olfactory experience like no other! Roadkill Skank #RKS boasts an intense roadkill aroma that will have you smelling it from 50 yards away. With its pungent and distinctive terpene profile, this strain is destined to be your new favorite for its unique and potent fragrance.

In terms of cultivation, Roadkill Skank #RKS offers a flowering time ranging from 60 to 70 days, depending on your specific selection. Whether you're a seasoned grower or a passionate enthusiast, the rewarding journey of cultivating this legendary strain will surely leave you satisfied.

Packed with pure quality, each purchase of Roadkill Skank #RKS includes 10+ seeds for $150. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the unmistakable stinkiness and exceptional genetics of this remarkable strain. Get your hands on Roadkill Skank #RKS and take your cannabis collection to new heights today!

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