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Scarlet > Fire

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Introducing Scarlet > Fire, a truly remarkable hybrid strain that combines the exceptional genetics of the 1998 Cup Cut Super Silver Haze and Chemdog IBL. This extraordinary crossbreeding results in a cannabis plant that's bound to leave enthusiasts astounded.

Scarlet > Fire is a fusion of two legendary strains, each famous in its own right. The 1998 Cup Cut Super Silver Haze is renowned for its impeccable quality and impressive potency, while Chemdog IBL is celebrated for its distinct aroma and powerful effects. By bringing these two extraordinary plants together, a true masterpiece has been crafted.

With Scarlet > Fire, you can expect nothing short of a sensational experience. The plant boasts exceptional growth characteristics, producing vigorous, resilient, and high-yielding crops. Its flowering period falls in the mid-60's, ensuring a relatively quick cultivation cycle without compromising on quality.

This hybrid strain inherits the best traits from its parent plants. The 1998 Cup Cut Super Silver Haze contributes a potent cerebral high, characterized by a soaring, euphoric sensation. Meanwhile, Chemdog IBL adds its own unique touch with a pungent aroma and powerful physical effects, delivering a well-rounded and satisfying experience.

Scarlet > Fire's captivating combination of genetics creates a truly unique flavor profile and aroma. Cannabis connoisseurs can anticipate a delightful union of flavors, with hints of citrus, earthiness, and fuel, resulting in a memorable smoking or vaping experience.

To ensure that enthusiasts have the opportunity to grow their own Scarlet > Fire, we offer a pack of 10+ Regular Seeds for $100. These seeds have been carefully selected to maintain the strain's exceptional qualities, allowing cultivators to witness firsthand the beauty and potency of this hybrid.

If you're familiar with the world of cannabis and appreciate extraordinary genetics, Scarlet > Fire is a must-try strain. With its exceptional heritage, outstanding characteristics, and captivating effects, this hybrid will undoubtedly ignite your enthusiasm. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Scarlet > Fire.

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