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Sour Diesel IBL

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Introducing Sour Diesel IBL, the ultimate strain that has become the foundation for all Sour Diesel seeds available on the market today. This remarkable variety is a result of a meticulous multi-year project, making it one of the pioneering "modern" inbred lines specifically developed for indoor cultivation.

Sour Diesel IBL offers an unparalleled aromatic experience that is second to none. The carefully selected genetics of this strain emit powerful scents of gasoline, lemons, and a subtle hint of lime. Such a bouquet of fragrances is truly unique and coveted by cannabis enthusiasts.

Not only does Sour Diesel IBL excel in scent and flavor, but it also boasts an impressive flowering period. With a range of 70-80 days, this strain takes its time to fully develop its remarkable characteristics. However, the wait is well worth it once you witness the bountiful yields it produces. Prepare yourself for an abundance of high-quality buds that will impress even the most seasoned growers.

To ensure you have the opportunity to cultivate this exceptional strain, we offer 10+ regular seeds at the competitive price of $180. These seeds are carefully selected and packaged, guaranteeing that you receive the finest genetic material available.

Choose Sour Diesel IBL and elevate your growing experience to new heights. Embrace its distinctive aroma, potent flavors, and generous yields, setting a new standard for your indoor cultivation endeavors. Don't miss this opportunity to grow a strain that has influenced the entire market. Place your order today and prepare to be amazed by Sour Diesel IBL.

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